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My top 5 trends for Autumn/Winter 2019

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I am a summer girl at heart, everything about the season fills me with joy; the sunny days that evolve into long bright evenings, barbeques with family and friends, summer dresses and strappy sandals, flowers in full bloom, the list goes on... There are few things I like about Summer drawing to a close but the trickling of new trends into my favourite shops is one of the exceptions! I find the idea of a trend fascinating, someone decides what fabrics, colours and styles we will all be wearing seasons in advance and the retailers get to work in designing and producing clothes in keeping with these key predetermined trends. This A/W is no different and I can already see some very strong trends making their way onto the rails of our favourite stores awaiting a chill in the air.

1. Statement Silhouettes

Think power suits with sharp tailoring and padded shoulders, puff sleeve knits, blouses and dresses.

Alexander McQueen


A trend that I haven't fully committed to as of yet but I am sure a check blazer will work it's way into my wardrobe before the season is out!


Perfect for the party season and o so decadent! I do love an excuse to sparkle...

Pop of Colour

My personal favourite as I adore bright colours! We are going to see lots of bold brights to offset the winter stalwarts of Black, Navy and Grey. If you are reluctant to wear bold bright colours in winter, accessories are a simple way to weave this trend through your wardrobe.

Accessories- Tights

Tights are an essential part of an Autumn/Winter wardrobe however this year they are going creative. Differing Patterns, textures and designs will be widely available to bring your tights from warbrobe basics to the ultimate fashion accessories.


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