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Ten things to do whilst self isolating

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Who would have ever thought we would find ourselves embroiled in this current global health pandemic. It is an incredibly tough time for soo many of us. Whether we are anxious about loved ones, working on the front line to help our country, feeling like our work is at risk, grieving, lonely or feeling like we our struggling with our mental health, know that we are all in this together. Every single one of us is trying to combat one or several of these issues. Now is the time to slip a note under the door of the elderly man or lady or person living alone in your apartment block to reassure them, provide your phone number so they can text you if needed. If you have surplus essentials, share them with those who need them and of course take good care of yourself!

It can be challenging to keep spirits high while confined to your living space so to help in the smallest of ways I have listed ten things that I will be doing to keep myself busy over the coming weeks that may provide inspiration to you. Let's use our time to become more aware of others, to be kind, to appreciate the small things, to be more present and to develop ourselves whilst remaining focussed on the fact that this too shall come to an end.

Pamper yourself

Use these evenings to paint your nails a crazy colour to lift your mood, give yourself an at home facial or pedicure. Have a candle lit bath, turn your bathroom into an at home spa and not only will you be looking tip top but you will be feeling great too!


A sure fire way to lift your spirits! Who doesn't love the smell of freshly baked cookies at home or the taste of freshly baked bread. Baking is also a great thing to do with kids and will keep them entertained for hours!


For some reason I feel like I can only read properly when I am on holiday. When I get into a good book, I feel so relaxed but at home I always feel like I could or should be doing something else. Whether it is a personal development book or a novel that takes you to a sun drenched beach in a far flung destination, reading is a great way to relax and create your own escapism.


Will there ever be a more perfect time to get your living space into the best shape it's ever been in! Those cupboards that your afraid to open.. now is the time to tackle them! you can sort things for charity and maybe even find some great items you forgot existed!


They say everyone has one book in them! If you did fancy writing a book but struggled to designate time, now is your chance. If a book isn't really something your interested in why not write a blog about something you love or even writing in a personal journal or diary. Writing is incredibly therapeutic and journalling is known to contribute towards mental health well being and success.


We might not be headed to the local gym but there are many free workouts on you tube to keep us active and strip us of any excuses. Even 20 star jumps, a few times per day, excercise is known to boost our immune sytem and overall health as well as releasing those endorphins to make you feel good.


I actually love to paint, I'm genuinely terrible at it but I find it incredibly comforting. Paint with the kids, paint that feature wall in the spare bedroom or pour yourself a glass of prosecco and paint for yourself!

Board Games

An evening spent with a glass of wine and a game of monopoly or scrabble can be incredibly fun!


You officially have permission to binge watch all those shows you fancied! No guilt! So go for it :-)

Learn a new skill

Is there something on your bucket list you've been meaning to do but just haven't managed to find the time? Learn French? Write a business plan? No better time to invest in yourself and allow yourself to develop than the present. There are so many fantastic resources online to help.

Charlotte xxx

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